Mickiela Montoya

Mullen House Spokeswoman

Mickiela Montoya is a female combat Veteran who served for 8 years in the California Army National Guard & Army Reserves, including a deployment to Iraq from 2004 to 2005 as a military police officer.

Mickiela is also a mom and experienced homelessness herself.  When Mickiela speaks about helping veterans, she understands the challenges facing returning young veterans and their children.  After returning to the US, Mickiela recognized the lack of public awareness and services available to the female Veteran population and began to raise public awareness and has become an accomplished advocate.

Mickiela is now featured in the book “The Lonely Soldier,” which received an extraordinary amount of community and public media support, and won an EMMA (Exceptional Merit in Media Award). The book was so successful that it turned into an Off-Broadway play in New York was performed at local college campuses.

In December 2011, Mickiela swayed federal policy by testifying before the House of Representatives and the Senate on the importance of homeless Veteran programs for the Department of Veterans Affairs. She influenced academia by promoting the Military Social Work Program at USC. She also participated in a project entitled “9 Scripts from a Nation at War,” which was featured as an exhibit in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Mickiela is also the spokesperson for an upcoming National VA public service announcement to promote the Homeless Hotline and get Veterans off the streets.

Mickiela has represented female Veterans and was the voice for them when she was featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Fox News, Los Angeles Times, Salon.com, NPR, Pakistan Tribune, Mega TV and others. She was recognized by an invitation from the California First Lady Maria Shriver in 2010 to a ceremony honoring women who served in the military.

Watch Mickiela’s PSA.
Learn about Mickiela’s (an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran) experiences with homelessness after her separation from service and how accessing VA’s services got her back into safe, stable housing.

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