Mullen House

Mullen House spokeswoman and Advisory Board
Member, Mickiela Montoya and her daughter.

– Coalition for Veterans’ Land
– Habitat for Humanity of Greater LA
– Mercy Housing
– Killefer Flammang Architects
– Military Women in Need
– Penny Lane Centers

Mickiela Montoya in Iraq


THE GOAL: Mullen House is a pilot project that will provide permanent supportive housing for female veterans with and without children in Los Angeles. It will form a therapeutic, healing community for these fragile families. Mullen House is named for Admiral Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his wife Deborah, who strongly support this project.
It is shocking that women and children are the last to be helped.  It is unacceptable that Los Angeles, with so many homeless veterans, has no permanent supportive housing for this special need population.  Yes, there are shelters, and a few transitional housing programs (which are great), but few take children.  Their moms were sexually attacked in the military by our own troops, and have not received adequate services to help them recover.
THE NUMBERS: The VA estimates that by 2015 there will be 2650 homeless female veterans in the Los Angeles region.  About a quarter of these women warriors have children. Many suffer from MST and PTSD. These veterans and their children presently live on the street, in cars, on friends’ couches, shelters, or transitional housing. Our patriots need immediate help. They earned it.
WHERE? We are evaluating alternative locations accessible to VA medical services.   We require either a vacant site that would permit up to 40 units or a building that could be remodeled.  Supportive services would be provided by Penny Lane Centers.
THE VA: The VA does not provide family housing on its campus. Its domiciliaries (residence halls) are unsuitable for female veterans who suffer from MST. These military moms and their children require secure housing environments.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Mullen House families will require special supportive services, day-care, and mentors to help veterans reconnect with Los Angeles.   We ask that you donate to help provide these services.   Follow our progress, and when we are finally open, sign up to become a mentor.